Thursday, February 13, 2014

Papercrafter45 Tag Challenge

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Papercrafer45?  She's a fantastic YouTuber who shares her creative talent with all of us.  In January she offered us a challenge to create a tag from a kit of goodies she would supply.  You simply needed to submit your name and email to her and she'd decide on 12 crafters to receive her challenge tag supplies.  Well I was one of them!!!

I got my bag of goodies and had until the 13th of February, yep today, to submit two photos of my tag to her and she'd present them via YouTube to all her subbies.

This is what she sent us

And these were the rules - Each participant received a Challenge Kit containing the supplies shown above.  You were to create using your own style and design but you had to use a minimum of 2 items from the kit on your tag.  The only additions I added to those supplied were the cogs and gears that I'd cut from my Cricut, and some metal ones I had in my crafty drawers and I swapped the black clothespin out for a natural colored one.

This is what I created

You can also check out her Pinterest Board to see the other eleven creations.  It's always amazing that crafters can be given the same set of supplies and instructions and each come up with a totally different take on it, isn't that the absolute fun of creating???

I don't know if Papercrafter45 and her trusty companion Sock Monkey are planning any more of these challenge during the year but if they do add your name to the list and see if you're selected to receive a kit!  It's super fun and you'll enjoy seeing how the others use the same supplies you have.

Check out Papercrafter45's YouTube channel and be inspired by all the fantastic tutorials she shares. She and Sock Monkey have a fantastic way of presenting information in a clear, concise, easy to understand way!

Shortly I'll be showing you what I did with my tag so keep a look out!

Here's the video showcasing each submission 

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Linda said...

Patti, your altered ticket is simply GORGEOUS and STUNNING! I'm so happy you participated in the challenge … your project is truly a creative inspiration! Thank you! :)