Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Garden Delights

a Canvas Corp Crew project

This post will be featured in it's entirety on the Canvas Corps Brands Blog, I hope you'll check the whole article out there.  I'll be just previewing a snippet of it here. 

It's always fun when you can have a never ending supply of product to work with.  That's what my cards today are comprised of, a never ending supply of leaves from my yard, my sisters yard, the neighborhood, anywhere that has an interesting leaf to incorporate into my card designs.

On the video below I'll share the whole process of gathering the leaves, pressing the designs into the cardstock, what worked and what didn't, if you haven't checked it out yet I hope you'll do so today. Don't forget to stop by the Canvas Corp Brands blog for a complete pictorial step through of how to do it yourself.

I also wanted to give a disclaimer, this isn't my idea, I wish it had been, but it's been floating around the Pinterest Boards, Blogs and YouTube for quite some time, I just gleaned my information from Understanding Blue, she had a great video that really got me inspired to try it for myself.

Supplies from the Canvas Corp Brands Store - 
Tattered Angels
Glimmer Mist 
Suede - http://tinyurl.com/jzztkg3
Amethyst - http://tinyurl.com/h754gmw
Dazzling Diamonds - http://tinyurl.com/zpj7q5n

Canvas Corp Basics
12x12 Burlap Sheet - http://tinyurl.com/jnoebu2
Fluted paper, Kraft and Chocolate - http://tinyurl.com/zqrhhff
Bulk Card Bases and Envelopes - http://tinyurl.com/htalt6n
12x12 French Script Canvas - http://tinyurl.com/h5ofen5
Cord - Jute Ball - http://tinyurl.com/gt8mmx6

7 Gypsies
Wanderlust 8x8 Paper Pad - http://tinyurl.com/zzv4zdy
Supplies from my stash
Distress Ink - Aged Mahogany; Ground Espresso; Cardstock; Art Glitter Glue; scrap pieces of chipboard; cardboard box packaging; JustRite Stampers Bokeh Time Stamp set; JustRite Stampers Sympathy Handwritten Sentiments; Joy Clair Clear Stamps Thank You for Everything; Penny Black Transparent Stamps Elquoence; leaves from my yard

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

CCC's February Craftology Box - Gift Box with Cards

a Country Craft Creations Design Team share

Well I dove into my first Craftology box and since I NEVER have enough birthday card it just made sense that would be my first choice.  I used black Book Box from Graphic 45 to house the cards, perhaps it will make a nice gift for someone.  There's a video at the end of this post that will walk you through all the cards and give you lots of idea to make your own.  If you aren't familar with what Craftology boxes are it's a monthly subscription from Country Craft Creations loaded with all kinds of goodies to play with.

I had to incorporate one of the Art Impressions Vintage stamped and paper pieced ladies into the top of my box, she's perfect here whipping up her birthday cake don't you think?

I stacked some of the paper petals that were included in the Craftology box and tucked a little snipped of cheesecloth behind and attached a brad to the centers to hold the petals together.  

Inside there's a nice little package of cards and envelopes for the recipent to use for all those birthday wishes.  The box was covered inside and out with the Echo Park Party Time papers.

I made a lot of cards, the box easily fits six, perhaps a couple more and then I wanted a few for myself.  I even used the other paper pieced Vintage ladies from both sets of Art Impressions stamps I'd shared with you earlier.

This is one of my favorites, I fussy cut the cupcakes and candles out so that they pyramid to the top. With some foam tape to pop them up and stickles to make the candles flicker it's a really cute card.

Here's another super simple idea, Just cut the candle paper to fit the front of the card, glossy accent each candle and glitter the flames in two colors of glitter.  Add a touch of Marvy's Snow Marker across the bottom and you're all set.

Here are my Art Impressions paper pieced ladies and the sentiment that went with them.  They really make the front of a card don't they.

There's always the option to supplement the Craftology boxes with a couple of add ons.  This time one of the add ons was a set of stamps of which this sentiment was included.  I'm always on the lookout for a good set of Birthday stamps and this set from Echo Park certainly fits that bill.

I hope you'll check out the video.  I'll link to the supplies used from Country Craft Creations below the video and links to Social Media sites below that.

Supplies from Country Craft Creations

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Using Gamsol with Art Impressions stamps

a Country Craft Creations Design Team Share

Today I want to share how I color using a product called Gamsol, paper stumps and blending. Gamsol can be found in most craft and hobby stores or online.  It's an odorless mineral spirit solution that when used with colored pencils blends the colors softly so your lines disappear.

To try this technique you'll need a bottle of Gamsol, I've transferred mine to a plastic dauber bottle which can be purchased at a beauty supply store.  It's actually used for nail polish remover and runs about $7.  Gamsol has a tendency to evaporate so it's best to keep it closed when not using and this is perfect, you'll see how snappy it works on the video.  You'll also need some paper blending stumps or tortillions.  These can be found at any craft store or online along with the sanding pad.  As far as crayons go you can use the most expensive or the cheapest, I actually like these Crayon twist up pencils which are super cheap.  When blended with the Gamsol they all take on a soft blended look.


I've used two different Art Impressions Vintage stamps this example is using the Six Layer Cake set along with the Party Time paper collection from Echo Park that was in my Craftology box.  If you're unfamiliar with what a craftology box is check them out in the Country Craft Creations store. A few sequins, some flat back gems and bakers twine ties the card together.  

To use Gamsol you simply color as you always do.  You then dip a paper stump into a small amount of the Gamsol and blend your colored image.  You'll see how the lines simply disappear and how soft the coloring looks.  It's such a simple step and one I think you'll enjoy adding when you color your images or color in a coloring book.

Here's the inside of this card.  I forgot to share the technique for the bakers twine.  I punched a hole on the folded edge and ran my twine around and around through the hole and over the side, knotting it in the front and adding a bow.  Just popping one of the cut apart saying from the collection on a couple of bright mats which are all grunged on around the edges completes the inside.

Here's the second Art Impressions stamp set, Bathing Suit Set.  I just love these ladies!!  I've merely fussy cut around the colored image, popped it on black and re-fussy cut and then popped them up on foam,

Here's the inside of this card using an older Art Impressions sentiment that I'd been gifted, some black netting from the craftology box and a sticker from the Party Time Collection.

I hope you'll watch the video where I really show you up close and personal how beautifully Gamsol can soften and blend your colored images.  Since Gamsol evaporates quickly you have no residue left on your page when it dries.  I'll link to the supplies I used from Country Craft Creations, and the links to the social media sites just below the video.

Supplies from Country Craft Creations
 Echo Park Party Time Collection

Supplies from my Crafty Space
Gamsol Blending Solution
Paper stumps
Sanding pad
Glossy Accents
Colored Pencils

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Paper Piecing Ai Stamps

a Country Crafts Creations Design Team Project

If you have yet introduced yourself to Ai (Art Impressions) stamps there is just no time like the present to do so.  Tamra Merrill, from Country Craft Creations sent me two of the Vintage stamp sets to play with.  I'd mentioned I like to paper piece and decided I'd like to share that technique with you. It's a little time consuming because you are stamping and fussy cutting several times for each stamp but the end result, well it's kind of addicting, like you'd like to do another, just wait you'll see.

I'm just going to do a short run through of what I've used and how I used it here on the blog.  You'll really want to watch the video (link below) to get the full benefit.  On video we'll paper piece one stamp together and I'll share all the techniques I've come up with through trial and error.  As we all know it's nice to not have to make the mistakes that others have made and just reap the rewards of the easiest way to do something, well in this case the easiest way for me.  I'll post a link to the supplies I used plus store links directly below the video link at the bottom of this post.

The first step is to stamp your image on white cardstock (I'm using 110# white from Georgia Pacific). This stamped image will become your building base to glue your fussy cut pieces too. I like to have a good set of small scissors, I use Cutter Bees and a set of reverse tweezers.  The tweezers are like a third hand when you're trying to glue the small pieces into their respective spots.  I also use a cut piece of an old Cricut mat to stick my pieces onto while I'm assembling my images.  This mat didn't have a lot of sticky left on it but it's enough to keep the tiny bits from flying elsewhere while you are working.

The first step is to figure out what areas won't be recut, in this case it was her legs, shoes, hair, face, the one arm.  I then color these first and start layering.  You can see above the first layer, her dress has already been glued down.

Here's a look at the finished paper pieced stamp.  The key is to look at your image and decide how many layers you're going to have. Starting with the layer that would be the furthermost away from you begin gluing.  In this stamp there are 4 primary layers, her dress, the apron, the bowl and the arm holding the bowl.  When I was done I fussy cut the whole image, glued it to a solid green and fussy cut again.  I am thinking these will be used in a mini I'm making.

Here's the second stamp I paper pieced.  There are three ladies here so I pretend each is a stand alone and fussy cut and paper piece each image separately and then re-glue them in the order they would be standing so some parts of them over lap the others.  It will make a lot more sense as you watch the video.  This is an extremely fun process and one that will give your cards, minis, or whatever project you used the pieced images in a great added dimension.  I hope you'll give it a try.

Supplies from Country Craft Creations

Supplies from my stash - Georgia Pacific 110# white cardstock; 3D Crystal Lacquer; various alcohol markers; old piece of Cricut mat; Twizzer Bees, Cutter Bee scissors

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Metropolitan Girl Scraps to Cards

I'm back with another 'using your scraps' post and video.  I know in my heart of hearts once I stick that package of scraps away, no matter how good my intentions, it usually stays tucked away.  New stuff arrives, new projects take over my crafty space and all those fun bits and pieces of leftovers often stay just that way, as leftovers.  So before I cleaned up my crafty mess from making the Metropolitan Girl mini  I decided to turn all those scraps into cards.  You know once I begin it's like my own personal challenge just how many cards can I make.  Well today's grand number hit 15!!  Not too shabby for just the leftovers huh?

When I start on a marathon card session like this I like to have my card bases cut, this time they are all A2 sized cards 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  I also gathered some solid color Artisan Paper, the 6x6 paper pad of the Metropolitan Girl and all the scraps from the collection, Distress Inks, Glimmer Mists, Stamps, Embossing Powders, you name it what ever I thought I might need I assembled within a hands reach. By having everything close I know I'll keep on keepin' on until the last scrap is done or I finally say ENOUGH!

Several of the cards have tuck in spots that I can insert money or a gift card, whatever the occasion might call for.  Most of the card bases use Artisan Paper from The Country Craft Creations store (links below).  I did pull out some odd colors like the yellow and peach for a few cards.  Anything in the stash is fair game when you're making projects like this.  

Since this paper is super retro it gave me a chance to use a couple of stamps sets that have just been tucked away screaming at me to take them out and play with them.  A Wendi Vechi stamp set called Gossiping About Art and a Dyan Reaverley Dylusions set called Say It How It Is.  If you like your sentiments to have a little spunk then these two sets would be perfect to add to your stamp collection. I've had mine a while so I'm not sure about their availability.  

Check  out today's video, it will show you not only the outsides but the insides as well, I like to finish most insides with a little something.  These aren't super involved cards, they are more playful, fun ones that basically use up all the leftover scraps.  So dig in your crafty cupboards and pull out a bag of scraps (I know you have some) and make yourself a set of fun scrapped cards today.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

What a Pair! Canvas Corp and TCW

a Canvas Corp Brands Project

I was so excited when I was selected to participate in the first Match Up for Canvas Corp for 2017. Teaming with TCW (The Crafters Workshop) was such a perfect match!  Of course this is lots of mixed media product and I must say I'd take everything out, drool a little and then put it all back.  I did this for several weeks so afraid I didn't know how or what to do.  Finally I said enough and just started playing.  How silly I've been, maybe you're feeling the same way?  This mixed media stuff looks fun but I don't know how!  Please don't feel that way.  There is no right and wrong, there are no set rules, the mixed media police won't come yank you out of your craft room if things don't go as you perfectly wanted.  It's a process and as with all processes, especially new ones, there is also a learning curve as to what works well with what.  How fast things dry, what create mud and what stays true to color.  Lots of stuff but if you're like I was and don't take the leap you'll never realize a whole fantastic area of crafting that's just waiting for you to get your fingers inky and your craft space excited!

I'm only going to share this one photo with with you.  I'd really like for you to visit me on the video below so I can share the process of my six cards with you.  I can tell you I'm totally head over heels in love with TCW shimmering Gold Gesso, you may begin to see it on everything, I loved the way it played so nice with Tattered Angels Glimmermists.  So stay tuned I'll have more fun projects to share with you and entice you to start playing too.

Links to Canvas Corp Brands, TCW and the supplies I used from both will be directly below the video.

Supplies used -
Canvas Corp Basics
Heirloom Collection Brushes on Ivory - http://tinyurl.com/h24zok2
Bulk Card Bases - http://tinyurl.com/hdme8yc
Mini White Paper Bags - http://tinyurl.com/h858ko5
Tattered Angels
Glimmer Mist -
Glimmer Glam - Rustic -http://tinyurl.com/haatw2j
Shimmering Gold Gesso - http://tinyurl.com/zlpvv4l
Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste - http://tinyurl.com/jf5es6w
12x12 Template - Moroccan Tiles - http://tinyurl.com/jcx3rd

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Art Journaling - It's a Process

a Canvas Corp Match-Up Project

For those of you that know me, and follow my blog or YouTube, you'll know I keep procrastinating about art journaling.  I had created one page last year, with high hopes of doing so many more.  It's such a foreign medium to me and I guess as I've also said before I must think the Art Journal police are going to pound down the craft door, haul away all my stuff and ban me from creating if I don't do everything exactly just so.  What a crock, who am I kidding?  I can do it, I just have to remember it's all a learning process you don't start out learning to read by picking the fattest novel off the shelf you learn with baby steps, 'See Spot Run, See Spot Jump' for those of you young ones out there we really did learn to read stuff like this, way back in the olden days.

When Canvas Corp and TCW, The Crafters Workshop, decided to do a Match-Up to see how their products played with one another I was super excited to find out I'd been asked to participate.  Well super excited until the box arrived, that's not true either, I was still super excited.  I took all the products out, TCW sent Gel Medium and Gessos in Black, Gold and Clear along with a Texture Paste and the most fabulous assortment of stencils.  Of course the super generous Canvas Corp sent their own array of Glimmer Mists, papers, bits and bobs like clothes pins, cord and mini envelopes, burlap and canvas so many things how can a crafty girl choose.  Here take a look for yourself. 

I'd take all this luscious stuff out, even open some of the jars and peek inside, spritz some of the Glimer Mists, run my fingers over all the different textured papers and then I'd carefully put everything back wondering all the time how I was going to know what to do with all these things.  Paper, glue, scissors, they go way back with me, I create a lot with them but the other stuff well it's newer, more intimidating, more 'you silly woman what are you going to make with this' feelings.

Finally after a couple of weeks I had a big self talk and told my inner crafty child, the one that kept saying 'I don't know how' 'maybe I'll fail' 'maybe my crafty friends will thing I shouldn't have tried this', well inner crafty child and I got a few things straightened out during that talk.  I realized I can do this, it may not be the quality and expertise that many of the YouTubers I follow make.  BUT, it will be a start, it will show the learning process for after all if I have this much trepidation trying something new there must be other crafters out there with their own crafty inner child telling them the same negative stuff, 'you don't know how' and 'you can't do it'.

I'm telling you right now, banish that nasty little inner child and the annoying little voice that keeps telling you you can't, banish them from your crafty space, better still banish them from your life. Because my crafty friends, I found out I can do it and so can you.

This post may be featured on a Match-Up write up for Canvas Corp and TCW so I'm only going to share a sneak peek of my page.  Check out my video, and yes I left all the goobers and do overs in so you can see I perservered, I stayed the course, I plugged on, well really I got mad and said I'm gonna do it or else. And the jist of the tale is I ended up with an art journal page I don't mind saying I created. After I've done many more mixed media projects I'm sure I'll look back and think wow you were really at the beginning 'See Spot Run' stage then weren't you.  How else my crafty friends do we get to that huge novel on the shelf if we don't start and learn at the beginning.  It's all a fabulous, crafty adventure in learning something new.  Maybe we'll love it and embrace it more or maybe we'll say I don't think this is for me, doesn't matter, what matters is we gave it our best shot!

This is a tell it from the heart blog post, I am anticipating having a lot more of these as this New Year moves forward, I hope you enjoy my little rants and raves and can relate to my feelings.  It's just like with everything in life, we always assume we are so unique, that no one else has our fears or insecurities until something is said and then darn it all we find out we aren't unique at all that there are many many many of us all feeling the same way but too skittish to say it aloud.  At the bottom of this post, under the video link, I'll post links to both stores and links to the products I used to create my art journal page, oh by the way I named it Fly With Confidence, that about sums it all up in a nutshell. Happy crafting everyone, I so appreciate all of you that stop by to see what I'm doing, that view my videos and leave me such fabulous comments.  Patti

Oh one more thing, if you're wondering what I wrote on my page, I don't mind sharing -

"My journey never ends and
I must continue to fly outside my comfort zone.
For if I stay where
all is calm and good
I will not grow and become the
woman I am destined to be.
We are not limited by
the number of candles on the cake
to what we can learn and accomplish.
So my goal for this year is to
learn to FLY in many new
creative directions"

Canvas Corp Basics
12x12 Burlap Sheet - Chocolate - http://tinyurl.com/z7x8avd
The Watering Can Birds & Bees on Ivory - http://tinyurl.com/zlxtqpx
Tattered Angels
Glimmer Mist -
Glimmer Glam - Rustic -http://tinyurl.com/haatw2j

Shimmering Gold Gesso - http://tinyurl.com/zlpvv4l
Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste - http://tinyurl.com/jf5es6w
Swirly Garden 12x12 Stencil - http://tinyurl.com/jkflj2n
Daisy Chain Stencil - http://tinyurl.com/ja24sae
Mini Woven Stencil - http://tinyurl.com/ht5ryrd
Mini Corazon Stencil - http://tinyurl.com/zhj9dnk
Mini Butterflight Stencil - http://tinyurl.com/j53ztzr

My Supplies
Dylusions Creative Journal; Stamps- Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous - Bittyust Thoughts , Wendi Vechi Stampers Anonymous - Gossiping About Art; Micron Pens; Freezer Paper; Post a Note Tape

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Metropolitan Girl Horizontal Mini Album

Metropolitan Girl by Carta Bella is a fun, zippy paper collection featuring some really snappy ladies and thoughts.  Today I'm sharing a 6" x 8" horizontal mini album for the Country Craft Creations Design Team.  There will be a walk though video at the bottom of this post and all supplies will be linked there as well.  Be sure and stop by Country Craft Creations to see all the fabulous paper lines available. Don't forget to join Scrapbookers of Country Craft Creations Facebook Group, where you will be amazed at the abundance of fantastic free tutorials, crafters sharing their expertise and a never ending opportunity to learn something new.  What more could a crafty person ask for?

This mini just lent itself to being horizontal, you'll see why in just a moment.  I wrapped the basic structure in black cardstock and then used the designer paper skyline for the front and back. Black tulle hides under the front, over the spine and under the back cover joining together at the bottom to form a bow closure. Front, back and spine were adorned with fussy cut images and chipboard pieces altering the heights to give dimension.

I cheated on the spine and added a piece of Authentique Spectrum cardstock.  These stripes just sealed the deal.  I used Wink of Stella over all of the spine, in real life it takes on a sparkle that spot on for a Metropolitan Girl.  The chipboard here is actually the top packaging of the chipboard pieces, when I craft nothing is off limits.  I did have to eliminate the designers name with the addition of the Taxi sign.  So stinkin' cute especially with the high heels balancing on top.

This is the bottom portion of the skyscape that was used for the front cover, fitting it should finish out the back as well.  I took one of the chipboard pieces 'Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful', covered it in clear Wink of Stella and then covered that with Crystal 3D Lacquer. When all was dry I tucked some black tulle behind and add ribbons of black seam binding.

The book consists of 4 pages which layer in graduations one atop the other.  To get the book to lie flat like this I used 1/2" gussets between each page.  I also used a combination of red, blue and cream for the page construction using the Country Craft Creations Artisan Paper Sampler pack.  I LOVE this paper!!!  you can score and fold and not have any cracking, a big plus in my book.

Each page has swing outs created from the border strips of shop fronts. I snipped each strip into two pieces and backed them leaving a small solid border around.  I also only glued the backing to the bottom and sides to create extra pockets for photos and tuck ins. These stay closed with hidden magnets.  

When flipped out you have places to write journaling or place your photos.

This is the back of the first page.  I created a cluster pocket using 5 different elements.  You can easily slip a 5 1/4" x 4 3/4" tag behind.  I did use a lot of Crystal 3D Lacquer and clear Wink of Stella on my elements. Backing them with the navy blue solid helps them pop and adding dimension to some elements gives them a much better visual look.

Here's page two, again backed, this time with navy blue and open for photos, tags, or whatever extras you'd want to stick inside the extra pockets. The small photo shows how the flips look when opened.  This time I added some stickers and chipboard on the inside to hold the photo mat in place.  

The back side of page two has a pocket to hold larger photos or the little tuck in I have here.  I dyed the ribbon strip with Tattered Angels Simply Sheer Matte in Red Rose, it was originally white with black dots.  Since my papers were a cream base the white just jumped out of you.  When you purchase elements, ribbons, flowers etc in white or cream you then always have the option to change the color to match your color scheme with mists or dyes.

Page three is my Uptown page. Such fun papers to play with they have that retro vibe to them.  On the inside strips of this one I used a strip from the sticker sheet across the bottom flaps, added the striped paper across the middle top which I only glued on the 3 sides and punched with an EK Success Deco Scallop, I was going for an awning look here.  You have so many options to choose from the stickers, chipboard and ephemera pieces.

This is one of my favorite pages, probably it's that striking red and blue combo.  I love the chipboard sentiment she's standing on.  The blue strip creates a belly band to slide the folded red mat under. Since I'd already used the chipboard piece of this gal I made her again by fussy cutting her from the paper and backing with the solid red.

The last page finishes off the strips of shoppes.  The base page is cream again this time.  I really like alternating the base page color.

I wanted to show you the inside mat on this page.  I took one of the sentiments and cut it from the frame (it's tucked inside one of the pockets on the above pages).  I used the frame here and left the top and side open.  I slid a small mat under the sides and this will eventually be the home to the photo.  If I could have found my acetate sheets, I've packed them in such a good place I can't find them now, I would have backed the frame with acetate, I think that gives a much more finished look.  Once the photo is attached it won't matter.

Here's the flip outs on the last page, this time I matted the shoppes with the red, you can't go wrong with that.  A couple of stickers and the flaps are done. I had to share the perfume bottle on the right.
One thing I preach over and over is to always allow ample drying time when you are using a large amount of Crystal 3D Laquer or Glossy Accents.  Well what did I do but set something right into the goo before it had dried.  There was no way to smooth it out and it would have been a total loss, sniff sniff.  So I decided to see what would happen if I took my heat gun to it.  The result was this crinkly perfume bottle! Perfect so another goober salvaged!

Here's the back of the last page.  Under the fussy cut lady are several magnets so she snaps shut and holds whatever you decided to put underneath snugly.

When I glued my pages to the hinges I left the right sides open so I'd have room for a pocket to slide my mats in.  I used an EK Success Border Edge punch called Flower Burst for the pull.  Because there will be a lot of strain on the pulls coming in and out of the pockets I punched and cut another flower burst and glued it directly over top of the first one.  With double strength the pulls should hold up well.

Finally we are to the inside back covered adorned delightfully with this chipboard dress.  I added a black seam binding sash to the waist to go with the black bows on the top sticker.  So there you have it my horizontal flip mini.  I hope you like it and perhaps will give it a go yourself.  This is a fun retro paper collection to work with.  Happy Crafting everyone, enjoy the process and have fun.

Links to the store and mini album measurements will be directly below the supply list.


Carta Bella Metropolitan Girl paper Collection
Carta Bella Metropolitan Girl  Epherma
Carta Bella Metropolitan Girl  Chipboard
Carta Bella Metropolitan Girl  6x6" pad
Authentique Spectrum Paper Lady Bug 
Authentique Spectrum Paper Black Jack One  
Bo Bunny Pearlescents Island Mist
Art Glitter Glue 
Artisan Cardstock Sample Pack 
Medium Weight Chipboard 

Supplies from my Stash
Punches EK Success - 
Flower Burst Border Edge
Scallopped Scallop
Deco Scallop
Corner Chompers - Rounder and Scallop
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Iridescent Silver
Tattered Angels Simply Sheer Plain Jane Matte Rose Red
3D Crystal Lacque
Glossy Accents
Black Tulle

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2 Chipboard 6"x8" for front and back
I Chipboard 3" x 8" for spine

Hinges for 4 pages with a 3" Spine
cut paper 7.5" x 9.5"
score at 2" (on long side) and then every 1/2" until 
you get to 7.5"
fold your 4 hinges and leave a 1/2" gusset between
with a 2" at front and back

Pages (4)
Cut 7.5" x 11"
Score in half at 5.5"
Fold, glue over hinges