Friday, September 18, 2020

Viviva ColorSheets

Viviva reached out to me to see if I'd like to play and review their colorsheets.  

Oh my goodness I love them.  Any of you that follow me know I'm no where near close to an artist. If you asked me to draw a cat and I did you'd say what's that.  Yeah I'm that bad.  But I can make blobs and I can doodle and the two of them together created some very beautiful cards.  Well, let me show you - 



Because I'm such a beginner I have a habit of picking up way too much color so when my cards were done my glass mat had lots of color still on it.  I couldn't throw all that away ink so I used my blank watercolor paper to pick it up.  I'll be able to use them for more cards, backgrounds already made!


Gorgeous colors huh?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Monica Taylor's Harvest Fair digital printable kit - transformed

 Hi everyone, Monica contacted me a while back to see if I'd like to play with one of her new printables.  I chose the Harvest Fair Bundle .  Instead of a journal though I decided to do an assortment of projects.  I definitely wanted some fall cards made.

I made three cards and loved each one but my favorite is the fussy cut tree, 
someone is going to love getting that I'm sure








Included in the printables were tags and a pocket. I'm saving these for a future journal 



The last project was an altered Composition book.  
They are always so inexpensive this time of year and make great tuck ins 
when you need just a little something for someone.



I hope you've enjoyed my little picture walk through of projects.  
If you'd like to see more, or the how I did them please check out my video below. 

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

VectoriaDesigns Bugs Junk Journal Project Pak

Hi everyone I have a new project to share.  I'm doing a collaboration with VectoriaDesigns, they have a fabulous Etsy shop of digital printables.  I'll leave their links below.  This is the first I've printed a whole kit and made something with it. I was happy with their designs and with my finished journal.  Want to take a look?

This is a hand stitched 3 signature journal.  I've attached it to the center spine with elastic cording so each signature is completely removable.  The spine is rigid so it creates an actual book look to it instead of a soft rounded outer cover.  

You could make it either way, it's whatever look you prefer.  The journal label and the ones on the front are from VectoriaDesigns Ephemera File Folders Project Pack.

The journal front has a magnifying glass with a butterfly atop.  I used two sheets of the paper one for the outside and one for the inside glued together.  In order to extend the sides a little I added this great burlap fabric my friend Paula gifted me.  The addition of the metal bee just finished it off.

The inside front and back covers have a pockets full of goodies
I included a couple of stuffed envelopes with extra bits and
pieces from the kit.

The first stitched signature includes ten pages with pockets, tags, hidden clips and extras.  Each signature is completely removable by sliding under the elastic cording

Signature two is a bifold section with pockets and flips

The last signature is a section of coffee and ink stained papers.  I did them with a combination of tea, coffee, distress inks and mica powders so each page is unique and has threads of gold peeking through here and there.  It's finished off with a metal charm that says handmade.

Please pop over to my YouTube channel and take a look at the complete walk thru for My Bugs Journal.  

70% off this kit July 15-18, 2020 with this link - Walk thru of kit is here - If you are interested in purchasing this journal please contact me at USA residents only please VectoriaDesigns Etsy - Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest - Blog - YouTube - Visit me at A Soul's Heartbeat on Blogger - Facebook - YouTube - Pinterest - Instagram -

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Bunny Bow's File Folder Ephemera Book

My friend Manuela, Bunny Bow, has hit a big milestone for her reaching 1,000 subbies on YouTube. To celebrate she created a fantastic digital printable for this Hard Cover File Folder Ephemera Book.  It's available now for sale on her Etsy Shop.

Within Manuelas digital download you can either choose to print the paper she has designed with the templates on them, print them on the paper of your choice or print and trace them.  I chose to print them on Prima's Georgia Blue's collection.  I love this paper.

This creates and expanding folder of files where you can house a multitude of ephemera.  I just love how it came together. 

The closure is a self made grommet with lace threaded through.  Easily expands or shrinks as your collection of ephemera does.

Please check out my video walk through and the two process videos to see this wonderful project up close and personal.

Links to Bunny Bow - Website Etsy store Tutorials

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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Snippet Strips

Hi Everyone, have you heard my blog moaning and groaning because I've ignored it for so long!  Well today I'm back sharing a fun idea to use up your scraps and create a multitude of cards.  I kept seeing YouTubers doing epherma snippets for their journals and thought hmmm, this would be an excellent way to use up some of my scraps but I want to turn mine into cards.  I had no idea how much I was going to fall in love with this idea, I hope you do as well.

I started with two strips of 3"x12" paper, a medium weight scrap paper.  I glued them together to form a strip a little less than 24".  Then the fun began, I just started adding layers and building up.  No scissors just tearing and inking the edges. You really don't have to have too heavy of a base weight paper to begin with, just something to glue the scraps to and be able to transfer to your card fronts


Then I started looking at where I could cut the strips apart to form my card fronts.  I did discover it's easier to make a snip on the right side, flip the strip over, and then continue cutting from the back.  you get a much straighter cut this way.

I discovered when I started to cut my strips that some sections worked better as a portrait card and some as a horizontal.  Also I alternated between sizes fitting card base size to the snippet I was cutting apart.  I used A2 (4 1/4"x 5 1/2"), A7 (5"x7") and 6"x7", just because some of my pannels didn't fit the standard size and I wanted them to fit in a regular A7 envelope.

I pulled out all kinds of stuff from my crafty spaces.  Pieces of cardstock, epherma, lace, buttons (real and cardboard) and word strips.  I did a lot of sorting and organizing so if I wanted a butterfly, a button or a sentiment I quickly could find it and not have to rummage through everything around me.

I also dug out my old music paper, some books and magazines for that age bit here and there.  It's amazing how these little snippets of paper and lace can really change up and add to your snippet strip.  I guess what I'm saying is nothing is off limits (notice the corrugated cardboard from and old box???) 

Don't despair if you have little strips left over, they are perfect for just a little something on the inside (I didn't add any sentiments on the insides of the cards so I could use them however I wanted and not be limited to all birthday, all thank you etc.).  

I think I made 5 or 6 of the feminine strips and 2 of the masculine and ended up with 28 fabulous cards.  I've created a playlist on YouTube sharing the strips, the process, the cards and photos of all the cards.  I hope you'll give this a try and let me know how your Snippet Strips turned out.  Remember you don't have to use them for cards they would work fabulously as tags, pockets or tuck ins in any journal you're making.

This video series consists of four videos -

 Snippet Strip Playlist

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