Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Honey's Valentine

I saw a Valentine in the store similar to this, I'm not sure what exactly it said but the idea was the same. I loved it, stood in the store laughing so I just had to try it myself. Beth Rimmer just released a new kit called Pulp Fiction that had this wonderful 50's lovers on it, perfect for the front of my card.

The outside says:

He said
‘It is ok I will not tell’
She said
‘But I mus not; oh no I just cannot’
He said
‘You will enjoy it, I would not lie’
She said
‘But it is a sin, I will be doomed, oh my’
He said
‘The most sinful is the best there is’
She said
‘Oh you are so bad, please stay with me’
He said
‘Oh my dear, I love you so, I would share the best you see’
With a sigh She said
How can I resist, mmm I know I will want more’
He said
‘I have enough to fill you until you desire no more’

And the inside says .........

And with that he took the ribbon from the Valentine box,

slipped a soft delicous candy from the paper wrapper

pulled her close to his most manly chest

and popped it into her waiting mouth.

Mmmm how sinful chocolate can be

When the scales say NO NO NO!

Happy Valentines my love!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Explosion Fold Valentine

I got a new book, Novelty Cards by Sue Nicholson, and in it was this folded Explosion Card. Using an 8x8 piece of paper you simply fold it and attach to the inside of the card. As the card is opened the folds 'explode' into the message.

The eyes have had glitter added to them to give them a little extra sparkle. I printed the heart, attached it to heavy paper and then attached it to a piece of mid weight cardboard and cut it out. If I had thought I should have inked the edges before adhering it to the card, but it was too late and too hard to do once it was attached (I used 2 pop up dots to attach and raise it off the card)

The Happy Face heart is from a kit Spellweaver made called Sweet Amore, the inside is actually a quickpage she had made in a kit called Be Mine. Spellweaver isn't selling her kits anymore so I'm afraid these things aren't available to you. The inside was actually bright red but I changed the hue/saturation to the blues.

This is how the card looks folded and closed

As it opens the inside, folded paper begins to open or explode

The more it opens the more the inner is revealed

Until you've got the whole thing open. I added the candy heart rubons and a brad and ribbon for a little extra.

The other Pleated Valentine

Here's the other Valentine I made, this one went together easier, I think doing them repeatedly makes a difference, I should begin to do that with all my cards. I used Beth Rimmer's Fools Rush In for the papers to cover the front and back and ATC Valentines for some of the words to go on the tags. The rest are store bought rub ons, glitter, ribbons, etc. I got the instructions (idea) from Paper Wishes video online here.

Here's a view of the front, I used clear velcro circles to attach the flap to the body of the card, worked great!

Here's a view of the tags that will go into each of the coin envelopes on the inside.

This gives you an idea of how the tags flow into the envelopes. Each tag was inked around the edges and three different shades of ribbon attached through a punched hole.

Doesn't this look like a real label from a label maker? It's really one of Beth's embelishments printed out, I put a pop up dot under it so it would raise it off the flap and attached the brad, I also inked the edges to give it a little more definition.

This is the back, This is actually a rubon that I had on an extra tag and I cut it out, inked the edges and attached it with a pop up dot.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pleated Valentine

I saw this idea on a Webinar for Paper Wishes showing how to make a card using Coin Envelopes and a Manila file folder. It really didn't seem that hard so I tried it and this is the outcome. I printed papers from Cottage Arts
Hearts of Love Page Pak - and In My Pocket Page Pak w/Alpha.

These were a great start but needed something to jazz it up a little so from the local craft store I bought some Valentine Rub On's and added them, some glitter, ribbons a brad etc to complete the look. I really am happy with how it turned out and need to churn out at least one more like this to get into Monday's mail.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine Card

Here's a card I made to send to my Mom on Valentines Day. I used Beth Rimmer's The Game of Love Embellies and Papers from Digitals to make the base of the card. The 'Old Maid was extracted for the inside view. I added some ribbon and a brad. The flower on the inside is just cut from Beth's embellies and added to the card with a pop up glue dot.

The card says -
What is that you ask?
Oh me oh my
i will not be shy
i would love to be
your little cutie pie

I used a soft brush on the font, Virgin Regular, to give it a stamped look.