Thursday, October 17, 2019

My Creative Spirit's Flip Flap Album and Box - My Opinion

Hi everyone, several weeks back my friend Clare Charvill of My Creative Spirit sent me some of her MDF kits to play with along with some rolls of her black assembly tape. I used Prima's Flirty Fleur collection on my box and album.

I've got to admit I was so skeptical that the black tape would be durable and strong enough to really provide a great way to assemble the box and mini.  Well check out my video (link at the bottom of this post) to find out what I think now.

Just click on Clare's photo above to go to her store for the kit. 
You can also purchase an instant download PDF if shipping is an issue for you
or you'd like to use your own papers  PDF LINK

This was a great little mini with the box that Clare designed.  Of course when you start adding your own paper and embellishments it begins to change it up.  I tried to follow Clare's instructions to the T so the basic construction of both are exactly as she had them.  You had two options to use glue and tape or only tape for the construction.  I chose the tape because I really wanted an honest opinion to give you of what I thought.

This is called a Flip/Flap because it has identical pages on both sides that flip in and flap under the preceding page.  Great idea and great use of every inch of the album's space.  You'll be surprised at how many photos this little gem will hold.

The box comes with a precut heart.  I added acetate to make a shaker.  Loved how the glitter (Chunky Glass Gitter from ReneaBouquets) and colored sequins look as they move about.  The flowers and other bits were all Prima.

Clare designed the hinges so they move and allow the mini to lay almost flat when open, it also allows the pages to intertwine when closed.  So clever this lady is!

I also have to give a shout out to my friend Paula who sent me the paper, flowers and some of the embellishments to add to my own stash.  Gave me lots of things to work with. 

I'll be using up the scraps in another video making some cards to share with you.  I'll also have a little process video, I won't share the whole construction since this kit and/or PDF is available from Clare's store and she did all the hard work designing it.  I do want to share in that video some of my decorating since it's different from hers and may give you more food for thought.

Thanks for popping in.  Be sure and check out Clare's links below, tell her I sent you over to have a look-see.  And don't miss the video walk through of my own box and album.  Huge hugs and thank you's across the pond to my friend Clare.  

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Soft Watercolor Flower Cards

Hello everyone.  YouTube has been my friend for over 10 years now as I learned new techniques, explored new crafts and gleaned knowledge from fellow crafters.  Well here we are years later and nothing has changed.  I recently discovered a wonderful YouTuber with the channel Cee Cee's Creations  When I ran across her channel a few weeks back I was totally in awe at some of her videos.  One especially caught my eye, Loose Watercolor Florals .  I watched and watched again and thought to myself, I think I could do that.  And so the process began.

My first attempts were using an Arteza water filled brush because I didn't own any real watercolor brushes.  I made 5 cards and thought humm not too bad.  But then I went back and watched her video again and again and thought, I bet they'd be better with real brushes.  So I ordered some.  

To me, up close and personal the results were so much better.  I used Arteza tube watercolors on both sets of cards but saw so much difference using brush brushes.  I was hooked.  I think I must have gone back and watched that video 8 or more times.  

One thing I noticed that I was trying to push the color from the center out, when I watched the video, yet again, I realized she was pulling it out and oh that made so much difference.  I also learned there is a real fine line with how much water and pigment you have loaded on your brush.  It's a learning curve just as it is with all new craft endeavors.

My other big stumbling block was learning how to draw/paint the stems and leaves, I'm still working on it and I imagine if I came back a year from now I'd tell you the same, still working on it.  I love the color I used on these stems and leaves and how fine they turned out.  My problem was using the bigger brush (a number 4 round) instead of the fine detail brush.  My hands shake too much and the stroke gets too big when I use the larger brush.

I also realized color played a lot into how I liked the finished result of the greenery.  This is ok but I don't like it nearly as well as the lighter color I used in the card above.  Just how your eye and brain perceive it I guess.

I guess if you take nothing else away from this blog post just know that it's never too late in the game to learn something new and usually it doesn't just pop out at you and you're great.  There are learning curves, don't beat yourself up, just have fun trying.

These are some of the first cards I made, with the water filled brush.  I'm so glad I didn't stop there or I probably wouldn't be doing this again.  Moving on to a real brush, and popping back to watch the video over and over cinched it for me.  I know I'll make more.  Hop on over to the video, I'll show you how I did mine and all the cards I made.  (Link below post)

Please go over to Cee Cee Creation's and give her some love, check out her videos and subscribe. She is so talented.  I'm so happy she decided to share this tutorial with the YouTube world, it sure brightened up my day! Links for her channel, Arteza and my own social media just below the video.

Cee Cee's Creations - Loose Watercolor Floral Tutorial


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