Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tri-Fold Birthday Card

Here's a card I made for my daughter, I had seen the tri-folded card and really like the way they'd done it. The rest is true experimentation. The photo is one I took of some flower pods the other day, I used several blends in Photo Shop and changed the Hue/Saturation to come up with this great shade of Lavender.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear Little One

I wrote this poem for a member of the Yahoo Group 'Just Quotes' that I'm in. She had requested something about a Great Grandpaw that had died and a new baby was being born that would have his name as part of theirs. She wanted something to help the baby remember who this person was.

My grandson never knew his Grandpa (my husband) he died before Eddie was born. This request really touched my soul because it's so close to home. So here is what I wrote, if you also have someone that this would work for feel free to use it, just change the Grandpa to what is appropriate in your situation. I'd just appreciate it if you would add my name as author and, if time permits on your end, send me a note letting me know you used it and a comment here letting me know you took it.

Thanks in advance, this is the version for my Grandson -

Dear little one, so tiny and new
I wish I could hold you as you make your debut.
I am your Grandpa and we share the same name
Close to your side, rest assured, I'll always remain.
I'll help you, and guide you, from my distant star.
Be your Guardian Angel loving you from afar.

Patti Senter

Friday, January 2, 2009

Derik's Poster

Well I'd finished all the little one's books for Christmas but what to do for Derik? At 16 he surely isn't going to want a book of him! Winkflash came to the rescue when they sent an ad about Posters. I did this one of his birthday 34x44 inches. It was a hit! Grandma scored again.

A Book of Eddie

Well, Eddie's was the last book I did, time was running out so I did his differently from the girls. I made a couple unique pages and used Scrapbook pages I had already completed throughout the year for him. I was worried, but after all he's 7 so why was I worried. He called all excited to tell me it was a book of HIM. What better thank you could a Grandma want?

The front cover was made with supplies from Cottage Arts. Actually all the front of the book was Cottage Arts and the back Digitals.

Here's previews of the outside of the book

And the back page I made of him, don't ya just love that hat???

A Book of Zoie

Here's Zoie's purse I made her for Christmas, this was the first book I made, it was a Bo Bunny chipboard purse which I covered completely in photos of her. I added clear contact paper to the front and back hoping it would give it a little more strength for the passage of tiem

This is the front

This is the back

An inside view

Some inside pages

I used Amanda Thorderson's Garden Critter's kits for these pages, adding ribbons, charms, bling, glitter and stickers after it was assembled.

Pyper's Book of Me

This is Pyper's Book of Me that I made her for Christmas with a few of the inside pages for you to see.

Front View of Book

Back View of Book

Font Cover

I used Denise Lemiert Bits 'n Bugs kits at Digitals for all the pages, adding embelishements, sparkles, stickers and glitter after I had assembled the book.