Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly Gratitude

You know when I first started this blog it was going to be a place to reflect my soul, my thoughts, my feelings from the inside out.  A place to heal little bumps and bruises that had been building inside and rubbing and irritating my life, a way to finally heal them and let them go.  Then I discovered this wonderfully addictive world of Card Making and I got side tracked.  

This morning, as I was blog hopping, a favorite pastime of mine, I ran across a blog I'd never seen before called Weekly Gratitude.  The article I clicked on was finding your soul by Melody Ross.  Pretty appropo don't you think, considering the name of my blog.   Her article really touched me, touched my soul so to speak, it may not be right for all of you.  We are all looking for something at different times in our life, this just happened to be the right words at the right time for me. 

Life is such a mystery of confusion and choices, I always have been one to second guess myself, never fulling believeing that what I have to offer, what I have to say or what I have done are exactly what I should have said, should have been feeling, should have been doing.  Ahhhhhh those should haves, they get you down and beat you at every chance they get.  I had thought, in the rational moments of my youth, that when I magically hit an age then I would be enlightened, that knowledge of my path on this Earth, the answers to why, and how, and when would just float into my soul and I'd know the way.  Well at 50 it sure didn't happen or when I crossed over into the 60's in December no lightening bolts struck, nothing change but the number of my years.  So I guess I'm stuck with what I have inside, what makes me tick and move and wake up each day.  I guess it's up to me to figure out the right path to move my feet, the right direction to lend my heart, the right words to say to those I love.  

It would have been so much easier if this life I had been given had come with a guide book A-Z on how to act, look and feel in each of the thousands of life's situations I'd have to deal with.  But alas, no handbook just blogs filled with thoughts and inspirations to help us sort our own soul and pathway out. Friends and family to offer encouraging words and share their own mysteries of why and how and when.  It is always a surprise to realize you aren't alone, that others have the same questions same doubts as to whether they are living their lives as they should.  I think it hits us harder, invades our thoughts more often when you begin to see the Calendar of Life hit the top end instead of the beginning or middle.  This is how I feel now in the top end of my Calendar and just trying to figure out how best to get the most out of the rest of my life.

Have a wonderful week everyone, look and listen for your soul I know it's there waiting to talk to you today.


Carol said...

Amen, so true, my little sister. We just keep learning as we go... you are doing a great job of learning.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh patti! this was so beautifully written.

hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...I loved reading can tell it all came from your heart...thanks for sharing Patti...I know you even better now...and I could totally relate to you.
Love you and thank God for your friendship.