Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Big Circle

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The online crafting world is like a big circle.  Someone shares an idea or a tutorial, you make a project, someone see it and gets inspired and makes their own.  Crafters helping crafters, I think that's why I am so taken with all the talented, inspirational people I've met online.

A while back my friend Clare, My Creative Spirit shared her tutorial Love & Laugh with me.  In turn I did my first Mother Goose Mini with it sharing via YouTube and my blog post.  

The response was great and I told everyone that said they thought they might try it the same thing, send me some photos when you're done so I can share.  A few weeks back Joan Leeder did just that.  She had purchased Clare's tutorial and then referred to my Mother Goose mini to make one of her own.  Now that's a complete circle of crafters inspiring crafters.  I love it, it makes my heart sing!

Take a look at the wonderful Mother Goose Album Joan made

So here's my sage words to all of you -

To those of you that create - keep on sharing the inspiration

To those of you that teach - keep sharing the knowledge

To those of that are learning - never say 'I can't do that' sure you can

And to everyone - Have Fun!  There is no WRONG way!  Develop your own style!

and most importantly, when someone needs help, Pass it On!

Hugs everyone have fun crafting!  


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