Monday, February 6, 2017

Art Journaling - It's a Process

a Canvas Corp Match-Up Project

For those of you that know me, and follow my blog or YouTube, you'll know I keep procrastinating about art journaling.  I had created one page last year, with high hopes of doing so many more.  It's such a foreign medium to me and I guess as I've also said before I must think the Art Journal police are going to pound down the craft door, haul away all my stuff and ban me from creating if I don't do everything exactly just so.  What a crock, who am I kidding?  I can do it, I just have to remember it's all a learning process you don't start out learning to read by picking the fattest novel off the shelf you learn with baby steps, 'See Spot Run, See Spot Jump' for those of you young ones out there we really did learn to read stuff like this, way back in the olden days.

When Canvas Corp and TCW, The Crafters Workshop, decided to do a Match-Up to see how their products played with one another I was super excited to find out I'd been asked to participate.  Well super excited until the box arrived, that's not true either, I was still super excited.  I took all the products out, TCW sent Gel Medium and Gessos in Black, Gold and Clear along with a Texture Paste and the most fabulous assortment of stencils.  Of course the super generous Canvas Corp sent their own array of Glimmer Mists, papers, bits and bobs like clothes pins, cord and mini envelopes, burlap and canvas so many things how can a crafty girl choose.  Here take a look for yourself. 

I'd take all this luscious stuff out, even open some of the jars and peek inside, spritz some of the Glimer Mists, run my fingers over all the different textured papers and then I'd carefully put everything back wondering all the time how I was going to know what to do with all these things.  Paper, glue, scissors, they go way back with me, I create a lot with them but the other stuff well it's newer, more intimidating, more 'you silly woman what are you going to make with this' feelings.

Finally after a couple of weeks I had a big self talk and told my inner crafty child, the one that kept saying 'I don't know how' 'maybe I'll fail' 'maybe my crafty friends will thing I shouldn't have tried this', well inner crafty child and I got a few things straightened out during that talk.  I realized I can do this, it may not be the quality and expertise that many of the YouTubers I follow make.  BUT, it will be a start, it will show the learning process for after all if I have this much trepidation trying something new there must be other crafters out there with their own crafty inner child telling them the same negative stuff, 'you don't know how' and 'you can't do it'.

I'm telling you right now, banish that nasty little inner child and the annoying little voice that keeps telling you you can't, banish them from your crafty space, better still banish them from your life. Because my crafty friends, I found out I can do it and so can you.

This post may be featured on a Match-Up write up for Canvas Corp and TCW so I'm only going to share a sneak peek of my page.  Check out my video, and yes I left all the goobers and do overs in so you can see I perservered, I stayed the course, I plugged on, well really I got mad and said I'm gonna do it or else. And the jist of the tale is I ended up with an art journal page I don't mind saying I created. After I've done many more mixed media projects I'm sure I'll look back and think wow you were really at the beginning 'See Spot Run' stage then weren't you.  How else my crafty friends do we get to that huge novel on the shelf if we don't start and learn at the beginning.  It's all a fabulous, crafty adventure in learning something new.  Maybe we'll love it and embrace it more or maybe we'll say I don't think this is for me, doesn't matter, what matters is we gave it our best shot!

This is a tell it from the heart blog post, I am anticipating having a lot more of these as this New Year moves forward, I hope you enjoy my little rants and raves and can relate to my feelings.  It's just like with everything in life, we always assume we are so unique, that no one else has our fears or insecurities until something is said and then darn it all we find out we aren't unique at all that there are many many many of us all feeling the same way but too skittish to say it aloud.  At the bottom of this post, under the video link, I'll post links to both stores and links to the products I used to create my art journal page, oh by the way I named it Fly With Confidence, that about sums it all up in a nutshell. Happy crafting everyone, I so appreciate all of you that stop by to see what I'm doing, that view my videos and leave me such fabulous comments.  Patti

Oh one more thing, if you're wondering what I wrote on my page, I don't mind sharing -

"My journey never ends and
I must continue to fly outside my comfort zone.
For if I stay where
all is calm and good
I will not grow and become the
woman I am destined to be.
We are not limited by
the number of candles on the cake
to what we can learn and accomplish.
So my goal for this year is to
learn to FLY in many new
creative directions"

Canvas Corp Basics
12x12 Burlap Sheet - Chocolate -
The Watering Can Birds & Bees on Ivory -
Tattered Angels
Glimmer Mist -
Glimmer Glam - Rustic -

Shimmering Gold Gesso -
Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste -
Swirly Garden 12x12 Stencil -
Daisy Chain Stencil -
Mini Woven Stencil -
Mini Corazon Stencil -
Mini Butterflight Stencil -

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