Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Country Craft Creations Box Reveal

Spotlight Special Post for Country Craft Creations

Sometimes (well more often than I'd like to admit) I get caught up in my own blog, my own YouTube channel, my own commitments and don't get to spend as much time as I'd like looking at all of my viewers channels, stores and accomplishments. It's sad and it doesn't mean I don't care about what each and every one of you are doing, it's just that real life seems to intrude upon my crafty time too often!

This week I got to chatting with Tammy Merrill, she owns Country Craft Creations in the north end of Utah, I'm on the south end.  Well she posted a video showcasing new collections of Blue Fern Studios papers.  I've never seen this paper either online or up close and personal.  I was telling Tammy how gorgeous it was and one thing led to another.  The next thing I know she's boxed me up a collection of love and has it in the mail to me!

The box ARRIVED today!  OMG am I a happy camper, it's Christmas again in February.  Please come join me on the video and I'll share each paper of the two collections she sent me.  Perhaps you'll even have an idea of what you think I should make from them.

From the bottom of my heart Tammy thanks for this lovely box of goodness I can't wait to get out my scissors and start fussy cutting away, oh wow zen moments are coming my way!!

Links to the goodies in my box
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jenny back said...

Lovely lovely papers.......i am using some other blue fern papers for my daughters wedding scrapbook (my first attempt) Seeing these has made me heart sick Patti. The only craft company that sells blue fern here in the uk is shutting its doors......so very sad.
Blue fern also make the most beautiful chipboards i just love all their products and their blog has the most amazing layouts on.
Thank you for sharing.