Thursday, September 11, 2014

Must Have Tools for Cardmakers

a Cut at Home Design Team Share

Today I have a slightly different type of post for you.  I'm sharing my suggestions for tools every cardmaker should have in their crafty tool chest.  In the video below I'll run through all of the pictured tools above and share why I feel like you should have them in your crafty tool stash. 

I'm hoping this will be an informative help to those of you that are just venturing into this wonderful hobby.  And for those of you that have been around a while I hope you'll join me as well, you never know perhaps I'll have a suggestion of something you have yet to add to your crafty tool belt.

Stay tuned next month as I present the sequel to this video, Money Saving Tips, Tricks and Hints for the Cardmaker.

Thanks everyone have fun crafting!


Paula said...

great info for beginners and veterans alike Patti.

Sandy McClay said...

I watched this video and was happy to see that I already have about 95 % of this! :):) Thanks for this, I wrote it all down so I can take a list and my 40%off coupons shopping! I have bought many items that are expensive with the 40% off....:) just have to have patience.....:)