Saturday, August 16, 2014

RAK - from Bunny Bow (Manuela)

If you're like me you often just wander your YouTube channels looking for something that captures your eye.  It might be the style or technique, the personality of the maker or just the color combos used.  But often times something grabs you and pulls you in.  I was doing that a couple months back and found a subbie's channel Bunny Bow

I was watching a video that she'd posted which she'd called Scrapbook 6 - Steampunk. I liked the way Manuela had made her papers so I shot her off an email asking where she gotten them or how she'd done them.  I also loved the closures she'd used.  

It wasn't long after a return email came with a great description of how she had inked and stained the papers to give the Steampunk effect in her book.  She also asked for my address so she could send me a couple of samples to see along with a couple of samples of the closure.  Manuela has a tailor/sewing shop and makes a lot of her own laces with her Bernina Artista Machine.  Clever clever lady.   (Right now she's not shipping internationally because of fees and shipping costs)

As any good addicted crafter would do I replied with my full name and address.  Well what she hadn't told me at the time, and I didn't realize, is that she lives outside of Zurich Switzerland!  It took quite a few weeks for the package to arrive and let me tell you it wasn't just a little sample of her paper and a closure or two it was a whole little package of love sent just to me.  I was doing the Happy Dance!

She sent these gems she'd colored

Samples of her papers she'd stained and embossed

and pieces of lace (including the white in the photo above)
that she'd made, yes that's right, she made on her Bernina Artista machine!
I told you this was one clever lady!

There was also handful of little metal goodies like these 
scattered among the lace

So my crafty friends please show Manuela some love,
pop over to her YouTube and subscribe
and tell her Patti says hi!

Manuela's YouTube Channel - Bunny Bow 
and her shop - Manufkatur Ott

And just one final thought, I've said it before and I'll probably say it many times going forward.  If you have questions when you watch YouTube or check out a blog post drop the creator a note.  There is nothing more satisfying than to open your email and see someone really liked your stuff well enough to ask 'How'd you do that'.  New friends are born everyday from all parts of the globe because someone took the time to ask 'How' or to leave the words 'Good job!' 

Happy Crafting everyone!  Patti 



Anonymous said...

I love your blog...I also have your other site on my favorites. I love the mini albums you share. You are one talented Lady and I thank you for always sharing and inspiring me!

Paula said...

what pretty things you got in your package. I know your creative wheels are spinning, thinking how you are going to use up all that good stuff.

britgirl58 said...

She certainly is a talented lady, and how generous of her to share her lovely goodies. I wonder how long it takes her to make a piece of lace... I think I already subbied to her channel, but going to check. I will tell her you said hi!
TFS - Julie