Monday, June 9, 2014

Subbie Share

Viewer's Project

You know the best thing about sharing my projects with all of you is the fantastic support and feedback I get.  I had a fellow crafter, Sandy Martin,  send me a note saying she was having difficulties with the Distress Doily Card I'd made and could I walk her through how I'd cut it. 

Sure enough a short while later this gorgeous card appeared in my email showing me how it had come out.  Since Sandy hasn't started a blog yet she gave me permission to share her creation with all of you.  Great job Sandy!!

If you have difficulty with any project I've made that you're trying to replicate be sure and shoot me off an email  at and see if I can help you out. And if I've inspired you to create something please take a moment to send me a photo so I can share your creation as well.

Have a fabulous crafty week everyone!

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mari hop said...

Beautiful card and this was so kind of you. Us crafters got to stick together :)) Marina