Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Doing the Happy Dance

YouTube is such a wonderful pen pal.  I remember when I was a young girl, maybe preteen or just barely in my teens and I had a pen pal in Hawaii I still remember her name, Fern Peralta (if you're out there Fern you message me I want to reconnect) and one in Rhodesia Africa.  I always felt so bad at loosing touch with them, especially the one from Africa because it was such a time for turmoil and unrest and the family was European and living in a very dangerous place.  I don't even think I have the letters anymore but the memories are there deep inside me still. 

Anyway I feel sometimes like YouTube is my new pen pal list.  Like I've found all these wonderful new friends who share my same crafty likes, obsessions and addictions.  One of my new pen pals is a wonderful YouTuber named Eva from Great Britain but originally from the Czech Republic.  She has always left such wonderful comments on my videos. About 5 months ago she started posting her own videos and of course I've watched and commented as well and thought what a sweet person.  Check her out on YouTube her name online is zebytygl .

About 3 weeks ago Eva posted a video for her first give away, oh my goodness is was full of all these gorgeous laces, some that had been her Grandmothers, such a lovely gift of friendship she was offering up so of course I entered.  Today was the drawing, yep you guessed it, I've been doing a Happy Dance for the last half hour.  I won!!!  Would you like to see what's headed my way?  I'll do my own video when it arrives but wanted to share from Eva's side and let you listen to her fantastic accent (I'm sure she thinks I have one as well :-) tell you about all the goodies coming to me.

Please take a moment and check out Eva's YouTube, I hope you'll subscribe to her and make a new friend as well.  Isn't this new techno world fantastic?  In an instant we can make friendships anywhere in the world.  I just love it!  

Hugs everyone, have a fantastic Wednesday!!!


Just Me and My Shadow said...

Thanks for sending me in the direction of Eva's channel Patti and woo hoo!! Lucky you, what a fantastic give away prize and so glad you won it!
Chrissie x

Sandra Craig said...

Congratulations Patti! Hope all is well with you, thing are great this side. I'm off to look at Eva's channel, thanks for sharing! Hugs sandra