Sunday, June 11, 2017

Using Bo Bunny Stencils and Glitter Paste

Bo Bunny repositionable, stickable stencils are made flexible to adhere to almost any surface including paper, wood, glass, plastic anything you can stick the stencil to can be used.  Combine that with their wonderful array of Glitter Paste and you've got a combination sure to knock your creative socks off.  

I'm using a few of the 12x12 stencils along with the Grape and Turquoise Glitter Paste. The 12x12 sheets are a combination of multiple sticky back stencils on one sheet, perfect for lots of creative inspiration.  These are available at Country Craft Creations store along with numerous other varieties of stencils and pastes.

Today's video (clickable below this post) is much more about the process, the how to and results than it is about the finished cards I made.  But it's always nice to see what we play with made into something useable so each example I share making on the video will have an accompanying finished card at the end to inspire your creative processes. The biggest secrets I can give you is less is more!  You'll find it takes a small amount of Glitter Paste to make a big wow statement.  So start with a little and add more as you need it. Secondly, make sure, especially when using the Bo Bunny Glitter paste, clean your stencils right away and not let the glitter dry on the stencil. Often times Baby Wipes will be enough to remove the glitter but be prepared to stop the process and thouroughly wash the stencil to remvove all the bits of glitter.  You certainly don't want to pick it up later to use with something yellow and find you still have traces of grape glitter around.

To me the most enjoyable part of this process is the reveal, when you peel back the stencil to see what you've created.  It's always an oh wow feeling.  With this particular example I used some of the Bo Bunny Grape Glitter Paste with TCW's Light & Fluffy Modeling paste, this creates a softer more muted look.  My personal preference is full out glitter paste for the deep glittery effect.

With this design I chose to cut it up to use for not only the outside but to tie it to the inside of the card as well. 

You certainly aren't limited to using the stencils with just the paste, although this effect is super you may want to use mists or paints or any other medium you have in your stash to achieve an entirely different look.  Let's look at one more example here and then I'll save the rest for the video.  I think this turned out to be one of the most interesting.  I used  the chicken wire stencil with some Tattered Angels Plain Jane mist in a yellow.  It has a little bit of glitter in it so when it dries that shines through.

At the beginning, as you'll see in the photo the result is quite deep. 

As the mist dried it became a light shadow of chicken wire on the Kraft cardstock.  So keep in mind your results are going to differ depending on what medium your using with the stencil and what surface you're applying it to.

These are great products, I'm really in love with the glitter paste, it gives an amazing look to whatever you apply it to and the fact that once dried no glitter comes off is fabulous.  The repositionable, sticky stencils also have a great place in your crafty arsenal, I'm sure you'll think of lots of places you could use them, (think picture frames, mason jars, mirrors, windows etc etc etc).

Come join me on the video, that's what's really going to convince you this is fun stuff to play with. Thanks to Tammy Merrill for supplying me with these lovely glitter pastes to play with.

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