Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I Won a Canon Printer!!!!!

Prize Winnings

How many times have I told you 

A couple of weeks ago My Craft Channel had a post on Facebook where you could win a Canon Pixima IP8720 wide format printer.  As usual I entered and then shared the post with a lot of my crafty friends.  Saturday before last I was notified by Lori that I'd won!! Yes that was me you heard screaming!  I quickly sent her my address and the next week the UPS driver sweetly delivered my package, he could have been the crankiest person around but I wouldn't have cared because when I saw that truck  stop in front of my house I knew the Printer had arrived and I'd already begun doing my Happy Dance!!!

I have, oh no strike that, I had, an EPSON RX620 all in one printer/scanner/fax.  I had just been talking to my daughters about getting one of those skinny mini scanners before I won this.  My EPSON worked like a trouper, I bought it in 2002 so I think it's served me well. Now I'm looking for a new home to send it too and get it off my bedroom floor.

Of course the old printer can't compare to this new one, which prints large format up to 13"x19", is wireless and can print not only from my pc but my iPhone, the cloud anywhere!  The new printer can print directly to DVD's.  Well you get the idea I think I'm in LOVE!

I think it's found a happy little home on my shelf beside my crafty desk

and it prints beautifully at any size!

So today I got an email announcing how you can get $100 off a printer just like mine at My Craft Channel from 3/8-3/14 2015.  I can't thank My Craft Channel enough for this wonderful gift they sent me, it sure brightened up my day, week, month year(s).

So hop on over to My Craft Channel and see what's up.  If you subscribe they'll send you a daily deal right to your inbox.

Most importantly when you see a give away don't pass over it, you need to stick your name in the hat and maybe you'll be as lucky as me!  After all someone has to win don't they???  And don't forget to share the contest, drawing, give away with all your crafty friends so they have a chance to win too!

Lastly THANK YOU - My Craft Channel for my wonderful new printer!


Lizzy Wurmann G. said...

Big congrats Patti!!!!!

birdie2107 said...

Wow! Congrats! Linda :D

Donna Ellis said...

How exciting, Patti! We own an older version of this printer and love it! If ever you'd like to know where to purchase less expensive ink cartridges, please let me know!

Congratulations and have fun! hugs, de

From the Attic said...

Congratulations Patti and the prize couldn't have gone to a nicer person.
Chrissie x

Ruth Ann Hager said...

Many, many congrats, Patti! I have one too (I bought it) and it's been one of the best purchases I have ever made. So I know you're going to love yours. I use is in scrapbooking all the time. Happy dances are certainly due! Huge hugs, Ruth Ann :)

Kerry-Jean Watson said...

Congrats there Patti! Well done!

sangelwings said...

Congrats Patti!!!!! So happy you won. Carrie

Paula said...

That printer looks like the Mercedes of printers Patti. Too bad I just bought a new printer/scanner last month or else I would have on of those on the way to me; that's a fabulous price. Congratulations to you for winning.