Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paula's Triple Flip Mini

Viewer's Project

I think one of the most enjoyable things I get out of creating and sharing with all of you is having one of you share something you've made inspired by something I've made.  If you follow my blog and YouTube channel you know I shared a series on how to create a Triple Flip Mini Album including step by step instructions across several videos.  I had a lot of very positive feedback from that, it makes all the struggles of trying to get what I'm thinking into verbal info you can understand worthwhile.

Paula sent me an email while we were away visiting with my family in Washington state. Well you know how that is, you're in a rush rush situation trying to cram half a year into a couple of weeks. I had great intentions of posting this as soon as we got back, but (hanging head in shame) I forgot.  BUT, I have found the older I get the more lists I'm making and I did have it on a list of to do's so not all is lost.

So without further chit chat from me I'd like to share what Paula made, it's such a darling darling album and will certainly give you food for thought of how changing up the pattern line will certainly change up the look of a mini!

Fabtabulous don't you think????  Paula doesn't have an active blog or YouTube so if you'd care to leave your comments here I'll be sure and share them with her.  (We all  might giv her encouragement to start blogging and posting again!!!!!) If you would like to see my original blog post and photos, my Triple Flip Mini is here.  

Thank you Paula for sharing your creativity with me and allowing me to share it with others. To all my other crafty friends on the other side of this screen thank you for sharing your emails, comments and for spending time away from your busy lives watching and commenting on what I do.  I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine!


Debby Langdon said...

Wow. That is an awesome 'mini'. I need to make some. I've been making cards for awhile. That one is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Paula said...

thanks for showing my mini Patti,
I have you to thank for the inspiration and the great tutorial.

Donna Ellis said...

How gorgeous, Miss Paula! This is amazing, and I'm so jello! Wonderful project, and I want to make one, too! hugs, de