Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ang's File Folder Mini's

a Viewer's Project

I got an email from Angie Ramacher asking if I could help her make a file folder mini like the one I did using only 1 1/2 file folders.  I hunted the blog post up which was the Vintage Girls File Folder.  Luckily I had included a few links sharing where I got my inspiration and I shared them with Ang.

Well it was no time at all when I had these photos in my in box showing me what she'd done.  I tell you this crafting business is super addictive and fun.  Just like Ang once you start it's hard to stop.

Let's see what she made - 

Ang says " The first one made with the Prima Papers… Something Blue, I kept dreaming about….. 
because of the peach/pink roses and of course the bike"

Ang shared "the papers used in the Christmas book were Handmade Holiday by"

So see it doesn't matter if you've never tried something before because YOU CAN do it and have fun in the process.  Have you watched a video or ran across a blog post where you really like what the crafter has made but you're not sure 'how' to start or 'what' to? Ang's email was that way, it was so funny in the subject line it said "Trying to reach NWLady1949 looking for measurements/instructions.... thanks!!!"  She had seen my video and tracked down an email address but hadn't seen my blog yet. 

Why don't you shoot off an email and ask for help?  Tell them you're new to this and would like to know if they'd answer a few questions.  Nine times out of ten you'll get a lovely response back with a great offer of help.  Now mind you, I said nine times out of ten, there's always one in every bunch that doesn't have time or just doesn't want to do it - This is rarer I believe amongst crafters, I find the majority are a pretty nice bunch of people, most often than not, ready to share what they've learned with you.

But most important of all, don't say 'I can't do that' sure you can, and you'll be so glad you tried.  Have fun everyone.  And just a note, if you're an experienced crafter reading this, PLEASE if someone asks for help take a moment and see what you can do.  We all started at the beginning and had to learn a lot along the way, so pass it on, you'll feel so good when you do!

On a side note, Ang doesn't have a blog or YouTube presence so if you'd like to leave her some praise please do so here and I'll be sure she sees it.


Paula said...

That is such a beautiful project Ang! Love the paper line you've used. Patti, you are such an inspiration.

britgirl58 said...

Patti, what a wonderful post - you are so encouraging and inspiring. Such a good person. I am honored to call you friend.
I cannot believe, Ang, that these are your first mini albums - you have done such a wonderful job with them! Your paper choices work very well. I can see you won't be long before you are making teaching videos of your own! Hugs Julie

Just Me and My Shadow said...

Hi Patti and Ang

Such a lovely post. Not only is Ang's album beautiful and how great she did it with your help Patti, but now after watching your video, you two are going to be able to meet up in person and I am sure a lovely new friendship will/has already come from this. Isn't our crafting community great. Hope to see videos from you sometime Ang.
Chrissie x