Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First You Tube Videos!

Have you wondered where I've been????  Hopefully you've noticed I've been gone, lol!  We were away on vacation (check out my pics on my other blog Reflections of My Year) and then I've been working for a long long time on my first Mini Album.  This was made from Paper Bags and a tremendous amount of time pouring over other creative divas on You Tube!  The videos are uploaded to You Tube and  are available for you to watch.  (This was a whole other learning experience just figuring out how to upload and add a few online notes here and there - and it's taken forever!!!  I now admire all those You Tubers out there I've been taking so much for granted!)  And, yes, it took me two videos to go through the book, it's gonna take some time and experimentation to figure out the editing portion of this You Tube thing.

Please leave me a note and let me know what you think of the video (oh how I hate my voice lol) and the book!  Thanks for stopping!


JD said...

First of all, great job with the video...I really enjoyed it...and your book is absoluting beautiful...what a lot of thought and detail (and I'm sure time) that you put into this book. It is sure to become a treasure...Thank you for sharing.
(Oh, also, you have a nice voice)

Christina said...

Patti thisis awesome... I love it!!!