Monday, October 16, 2017

Overall Album for that Little Guy

a Sa Crafters Design Team Project

Please check out the complete blog post over on Sa Crafters blog here .  I absolutely loved creating this shaped little boy overall mini.  It's always so fun, and different, to do a shaped mini opposed to one I've created with front, back and hinges.  It's just a whole different animal and so much fun.  I loved decorating each of the 10 overall pages.  In fact it was kind of hard to go back and add the photo spots and tuck ins because the overalls and shirts were just so darn adorable.  But, a mini needs room to add all those favorite photos of your little guy and this one certainly doesn't disappoint.  It always is amazing how many photos a mini like this can hold and this one is no exception, with room for lots of 4"x6" photos.

Because this mini isn't bound it uses rings to hold it together at the tops of each page.  I use round rings to begin with but switched them out for larger D rings that were much stronger and allowed the pages to turn easier.  I adorned the rings with ribbons I'd used on the pages.

There are lots of tuck spots, pockets and areas to house tags, mats and photos.  After all a new baby needs all the room in the world to be shared and shown off.

As always I'm notorious for using fussy cut images and I just couldn't help myself with all these adorable little ones.  So you'll find them climbing up edges or sleeping on ledges, anywhere I could find to put them there they are and they make me smile every time I look at them.

I like to add booklets or waterfalls whenever possible because it just adds to the amount of photos you can place.  Here I have a little booklet that hold photos behind acetate spots as well as on the mats.  This little ones hold 6 photos plus a generous area for jotting down some memories to preserve.

There's lots to see that I won't show here or on Sa's blogpost but you'll find it all on the video below.  I'll also share how I prepped the pages and the supplies I used.  I have an older post that uses the little Girl Dress Shaped Mini that I'd love for you to revisit as well.

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Cynthia Poritz said...

I ordered the kit after seeing this blog, now I just have to wait for my grandson to be born in January, so I can add the pictures!

Christina Lytle said...

This is such a cute album.....