Thursday, March 30, 2017

Julie Nutting's French Flea Market - Scraps into Cards

Country Craft Creations Design Team Project

Well I have to admit I've had a hard time holding this video back.  As a lot of you know I've been trying to use the scraps from my projects up instead of sticking them away.  This not only gives me a bevy of cards or tags or whatever on hand it also provides lots of ideas for you to use your scraps as well.  As soon as I finished my French Flea Market mini I started in on the cards, I know me, once I tuck things away they rarely resurface, it's best for me to be creative when my desk is still a mess with all the project leftovers.  It didn't look like many scraps in that little box but as you'll see it provided 14 cards that I just love.  I think I like this set the best so far, oh wait, I seem to say that after each new set is completed.  I guess that's a sign that it was a fun, productive process.

This is going to be a harder one to share, I debated on if I wanted to share each card here or just a few so I think I'm doing a photo of each but no explanations.  On video (link below) I'll share the process of making half the cards.  If you don't want to watch the process (the video is long) I'll provide a skip to point at the beginning of the video to take you to all the photos of the cards.  This provides a couple of shots of the outsides plus one of the inside.  I'm sure you won't want to do exactly what I've done but it will give you lots of food for thought as to how you might use your scraps.  If you'd rather make tags all the cards could easily be converted into tag format.  Just a video note, I have sped the video up during the process so you wouldn't be with me hours while I decided what to do where.  If you need to slow the video to better see what I'm doing there is a cog (settings) button on the lower right, click on it and you'll see an option for Speed, when you click it you can slow the video down.  I hope that helps I know that some of my viewers prefer length to speed so I hope this helps everyone.

The main thing is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the process.  Have fun, make it like a challenge 'how can I create with just the smallest amount'.  I'll start with my last card.  It was actually the last handful of scraps, already in my hand, posed above the trash can.  Then my inner crafty self said WAIT, you could just punch something out of all these scraps, so I grabbed my little heart punch and punched and tossed the remainder away, trust me there weren't many remainders!  Then I layered the base with the hearts one row next to the other.  I LOVE this card and I'm so glad I saved these scraps from the trash.  It really goes to show it doesn't take much to end up with something unique.

Enjoy!  The video and links to Country Craft Creations will be listed below.  


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Carol said...

These are all so beautiful, it would be hard to pick just one out. Amazing, Patti!

JD/ Jill said...

These are all so amazing. So many neat ideas there...thanks for sharing.

angie said...

These are darling! Thanks for sharing how to make something pretty from scraps.

Penny Duncan Creations said...

What a beautiful collection of cards you've created!!! An inspiration for sure!!!