Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Valentine Mailbox

a Country Craft Creations design team project

Right around the corner Valentine's Day will be popping up.  It's such a fun Holiday and this year I wanted to create some sort of centerpiece and came up with this Mailbox.  Sometimes I've got to tell you creating is just plain fun!  This was one of those times.

At least 5, maybe 6, years ago I bought an oversized Valentine paper pad from Tuesday Morning. The inside covers had templates for cards and various projects.  The mailbox was one of them.  Doing this for Tammy Merrill's Design Team I wanted to be able to offer a similar template to viewers so they could make their own.  Today, in this techy world, it's just an amazing time to find just about anything you're hunting for.  I searched Pinterest and the Net for a 'Valentine Mailbox' and came up with a share from Brenda Quintana, it was on her Blogspt Qbee's Quest. I'll link to it at the bottom of this post. Brenda's is very similar to the one I had on my paper pad and really I used a combination of both to create my mailbox.  It's such a simple quick project with such fun results.

The mailbox door is trimmed with lace and ribbon from my stash and accented with Double Dot Think Pink Jewels from Bo Bunny.  I added a heart button to the top threading my narrow pink ribbon from the back to the outside so I can tie it to the top.  (The top ribbon is again run through an inside glued button, I added an eyelet on the outside so the ribbon wouldn't tear the paper).

There's a template for the flag in the instructions, I simply covered both sides with paper from the collection.  To dress it up I stacked a miniature red paper doily, a cut out Valentine word heart from the paper and a fussy cut piece of white paper (I used stamp scissors on the white paper to cut the heart mat so it would stand out from the words).

To hide the seam from where the back and sides of the pieces meet I took a piece of lace, a piece of pink ribbon and flat back pearls.  Since the pearls were cream I used a blue Copic marker to switch them up to a blue that matches the paper.  Whenever I can I always buy white and cream in embellishments and ribbon, you can then change it up to the color you're needing.

It made me extremely happy to use this heart on the inside of my mailbox door.  Manuela (Bunny Bow) gifted me with several happy mails of laces she's made.  They come all the way from Switzerland to my doorstep and I hoard them all!  I have got to quit and start sharing, but it's hard I get them out and look at them, sigh, oooh and ahhh and then carefully put them back.  This time I took out 3 hearts she'd made and used the one here.  I love it, now my mailbox is extra special.

The base is 3 stacked and glued cores from packing tape that I saved from our move (well I saved about two dozen cores but who's counting????).  I then wrapped them in the ombre pink from the paper and used another piece of ribbon for the bottom.  I attached two strips of heavy duty Velcro to the top of the base and the bottom of the mailbox.  By having it removable it will be easier to store and if I decided I want to just place the mailbox on the table without the base it's easy peasy.  

I'll link to the store supplies below the video as well as links to Country Craft Creations and my own site, A Soul's Heartbeat.  Please come and share a little more of your time with me on video and I'll share the process and lots more hints and ideas of why I did what.  I so appreciate you spending your time with me!!!

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Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh Patti this is so darling! Makes me think back to school days when we had/made little mailboxes.. I don't even remember how we made them! I've found it hard to find pretty Valentine's Day scrapbook paper in the stores. I tried last year or the year before, and never did find any. I've been using off of one pad now for a few years but it's almost (finally) all used up. The papers you got are so pretty. I guess I'll have to go online to find something. The crocheted hearts you used are gorgeous. I would hoard them too!