Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's a Murder Mystery at Scrapbookers of Country Craft Creations

It's the most unsettling thing!  There's been a murder on the Country Craft Creations Mafia Team. Won't you help us discover Who Did It?  Where They Did It?  and What They Did it With?  

If you aren't a member of the Scrapbookers of Country Craft Creations Facebook Group you need to get there quick, like right now, hurry!  Solve the mystery and be rewarded!  The Team Members YouTube links will be accessible from there as well, each member will have 3 clues to help you weed out the bad apple from the bunch and give them the just desserts they deserve!

To help you understand what's going on check out my intro video here - 

Introduction to the Murder Mystery

And to get you going on solving the Mystery Murder of one of the Mafia team my first clue is here - 

Clue #1

Have fun, enjoy the mystery and check out Country Craft Creations in the mean time here -

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