Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Mail from Ang

Last month you might remember I posted a few photos from Ang Ramacher who had made a file folder mini.  I'd helped her a bit get started and then because she doesn't have a web presence yet shared her creations with you here.

Well a few days ago I received the nicest Happy Mail from her!  Thank you Ang, I love it all.

Ang not only sent me this darling mini and card but also a take out box to put it in and then proceeded to ink up the mailing box as well. It was a super mail day! Ang used Prima for the papers and embellishments and crafted the mini from 3 paper sacks, such a cute cute idea!

The card held this little bottle and once uncorked you could just get whiffs of nutmeg and spices filling the air.

In addition, I also received a package of the Celebrate It sacks to make a mini myself! What fun, thank you so much Ang.  I can't wait until we get together for coffee and chat! As luck would have it Ang lives in Washington State, not far from my family and another online crafter, so the dates been made, when I go home to visit time's set aside for a get together amongst new friends!

Check out my video reveal if you'd like to see the card, mini and boxes more closely!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift

Paula said...

Ang, you did a beautiful job on this album. What a thoughtful gift for Patti.