Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reused and Revamped

a Design Team Project for The Piece by Piece

You know it's sad when you can't even go to Costco anymore without that little crafty devil whispering in your ear 'you could alter that cheese box, go ahead buy it and see what happens'!  Yep you know the feeling, you're moving along nicely and then wham you spot this darling little round container of Brie cheese and what does your crafty mind think, mmm that cheese looks good, nope, wow I could turn that round little balsa box into something, I'm sure I could!  

Yes my crafty friends this darling round gift box started out as a lowly cheese container. Hmm I wonder how many boxes of cheese one person can eat :-)  You can see the original container in the video below, as well as a process video showing you how I altered it to look like the one above and of course more photos to inspire you to first make your shopping list out and then go buying at The Piece by Piece you might also want to stop by your local grocer to pick up a cute little cheese box to alter yourself.

I used Prima's Epiphany collection to help revamp the box and of course these gorgeous laces and trims from the store.  I just love the teal!

If you watch my videos you know I've been trying to convince you (and myself) that I'm not a hoarder, but I have a hard time throwing away the left over bits of Bev's laces and trims so I tuck them in a little plastic bag and pull them out when I need some fillers. That's what I've used here, scrunched and tucked they resemble leaves and give the embellishments just the touch of elegance they need to finish the project. 

My intention is to fill the box with silk flowers made from the silk ribbons Bev sent me (like the streamer shown under the resin flower on the top of the box).  Time didn't seem to be on my side right now so I added some colored Hug Snug to the inside just to give you an idea.  I thought this Revamped box, filled with silk flowers, would make a lovely gift for a crafty friend, what do you think?

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Paula said...

Nice to see you back and posting Patti. I watched the youtube video of the box just a little while ago, it's darling and now I want to go to Costco. Brie is evil, I can't stop eating it once I start.