Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear Little One

I wrote this poem for a member of the Yahoo Group 'Just Quotes' that I'm in. She had requested something about a Great Grandpaw that had died and a new baby was being born that would have his name as part of theirs. She wanted something to help the baby remember who this person was.

My grandson never knew his Grandpa (my husband) he died before Eddie was born. This request really touched my soul because it's so close to home. So here is what I wrote, if you also have someone that this would work for feel free to use it, just change the Grandpa to what is appropriate in your situation. I'd just appreciate it if you would add my name as author and, if time permits on your end, send me a note letting me know you used it and a comment here letting me know you took it.

Thanks in advance, this is the version for my Grandson -

Dear little one, so tiny and new
I wish I could hold you as you make your debut.
I am your Grandpa and we share the same name
Close to your side, rest assured, I'll always remain.
I'll help you, and guide you, from my distant star.
Be your Guardian Angel loving you from afar.

Patti Senter

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