Saturday, December 6, 2008

ATC's - Artitst Trading Cards

Do you know what an ATC is? I didn't until I made these. ATC's are Artist Trading Cards, and they are made about the size of a regular playing card. You can exchange or trade them with others (kinda makes you think of kid's baseball cards for adults huh?) It's really a huge rage. I like the one I made that you could put your name and info on the back.

I really am thinking of making some up and putting my info on the back, including my blog addresses and my store at Digitals so that when I run across people I'm trying to explain how I spend all my waking hours to I can just give them a card! If you're interested there are lots of digital kits available to make them with. Check out the store at Digitals. Need more inspiration? Do a Google search and you'll be amazed. You might want to check out, Art-e-Zine! or ATCs for ALL More importantly, step outside your box and try something different!!!!

Do you like to give Valentine's cards? How about trying an ATC Valentine this year?

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