Saturday, February 15, 2020

Arteza's Sticky Notes

Years ago a fellow crafter, Ang, sent me the cutest little holder with a mini post a note pad in it.  I've had it always in my craft room.  When I saw the Arteza box of 3" Sticky Notes I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  I wanted to reproduce Ang's gift into the larger note size.  I chose the bright colored notes but they have them in several color schemes.  This box held 2 of 6 different colors.

Here are 3 of the ones I made.  I just searched my scraps for papers that matched the color of the pads inside.

Each pad is secured with an elastic closure and the pad of sticky notes sits snugly inside the little package.

Pop on over to the video and I'll share the whole process of how to make these little pad holders plus a walk - through to give you lots of food for thought to make your own.

I do have a 10% discount code for Arteza, which is good until February 27, 2020 - just put in the code ASoul`sHeartbeat10

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Using Scraps - Lots of Tags

Hi everyone.  I have had so much fun playing and making some large tags just from scraps I've had laying around and the Tim Holtz Paper Dolls.

I ended up making 9 tags and could have just gone on and on  They are so fun and just take bits and pieces to make them unique from scraps I had here and there.  The tags measured 3.5" x 8.5" but they easily could be made whatever size you wish, especially since the Paper Dolls come in various sizes.

I loved finding something fun to pop the 'Dolls' on, like this little girls looks like she's just perched perfectly on the pocket.   

Here's a couple more little 'Dolls' perched on their pedestals.  Cute huh?

This is one of my favorites for a variety of reasons.  The lace across the bottom came from my Niece Lisa's hippy dress of the 70's.  It's the perfect adornment for my tag.  The little girls above have been halved, lol, I promise they weren't hurt in the process.  I cut right across their chest area and put part on the back flap and the rest on the front flap.  Love how they look.

These were so fun and I hope they will inspire you to dig out your scraps and make some tags of your own.  If you pop on over to the videos I'll share the complete process and a walk through close up of all 9 tags.

Video 1 - Step by Step Process

Video 2 - Finished Tags

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Glittered Valentine Hearts

Arteza sent me two sets of the Holographic Chunky Glitters to try out.  I wanted to make a shaker and a card where you lay down a piece of double sided tape and sprinkle the glitter directly on the tape.  I have to tell you I really like the results of both techniques.

Here are the 3 cards I made.  There was one other Glitter, Electra, which I saved for later

This is the card I chose to do the step by step process on video (the link is at the bottom of this blog post).  This technique uses the double sided tape. 

You get that great glittery effect (see all the different shades and sizes?) but it doesn't move, the tape keeps it in place.  I chose to add a sheet of acetate over the top of the glitter to even keep it more corralled.

There's just something about a naked inside that sets me on edge, so true to form, this is how I finished the inside of this card.  Watch the video for a perfect Patti goober and how I corrected it on the front of the card.

Here's the shaker card.   I have to tell you glitter and I usually have an issue and this was no exception.  There's just no way around it, after all that's why it's so stinkin' pretty, it's glitter, and it's messy.  I used a dry fabric dryer sheet on the acetate and then wiped away any residue that was left.  I'm not sure if that's what did the trick but the glitter moves freely within the heart.  I was amazed, with the way the little bits were sticking to me and everything else I could believe the little buggers just moved around as happy as could be once inside the shaker.

The other possibility is that I double layered my foam tape making a nice air space between the acetate and the card.  It let all those little bits of shiny goodness move around and around.

Here's my other card, glitter directly on tape.  Love the way it looks peeking from within the heart!

So my friend check out Arteza, they are constantly adding to their store.  I'll provide links below the video the the store and the glitters.  Don't miss the video so you can see how I did what.  Happy crafting everyone, put a little glitter in your life today and shine on.

Links to Arteza online - Holographic Glitter Mermaid Rain & Electra - Holographic Glitter Fairy Dust & Moonstone - Foam Mounting Tape - 36 Yards - USA Link* - UK Link* - Please visit Arteza online here - YouTube - Blog - Facebook - Pinterest - Instagram -
Check out the Sookwang Tape Etsy Store for all your double sided tape needs. 
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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

For Sale - Winter Mini Album using Stamperia's Make A Wish

Hi everyone, I'm sharing my Winter Design Team project for Crafty City using Archana's Make a Wish Kit which features Stamperia's Make a Wish Collection.  Gee I love their paper collections. 

Please note - This mini is for sale!  If you are interested in owning a one of a kind Christmas mini designed by me please contact me at

I think I'll just post the 5 pages and then you can pop over to the video to see the complete walk through.  I used muslin fabric to hinge several of the pages together.  Something I'd not seen before and something I know I'll do again.  Because of the give of the fabric the mini lays so flat and has so much bendability and flexibility.  It's great. 

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

My Creative Spirit's Flip Flap Album and Box - My Opinion

Hi everyone, several weeks back my friend Clare Charvill of My Creative Spirit sent me some of her MDF kits to play with along with some rolls of her black assembly tape. I used Prima's Flirty Fleur collection on my box and album.

I've got to admit I was so skeptical that the black tape would be durable and strong enough to really provide a great way to assemble the box and mini.  Well check out my video (link at the bottom of this post) to find out what I think now.

Just click on Clare's photo above to go to her store for the kit. 
You can also purchase an instant download PDF if shipping is an issue for you
or you'd like to use your own papers  PDF LINK

This was a great little mini with the box that Clare designed.  Of course when you start adding your own paper and embellishments it begins to change it up.  I tried to follow Clare's instructions to the T so the basic construction of both are exactly as she had them.  You had two options to use glue and tape or only tape for the construction.  I chose the tape because I really wanted an honest opinion to give you of what I thought.

This is called a Flip/Flap because it has identical pages on both sides that flip in and flap under the preceding page.  Great idea and great use of every inch of the album's space.  You'll be surprised at how many photos this little gem will hold.

The box comes with a precut heart.  I added acetate to make a shaker.  Loved how the glitter (Chunky Glass Gitter from ReneaBouquets) and colored sequins look as they move about.  The flowers and other bits were all Prima.

Clare designed the hinges so they move and allow the mini to lay almost flat when open, it also allows the pages to intertwine when closed.  So clever this lady is!

I also have to give a shout out to my friend Paula who sent me the paper, flowers and some of the embellishments to add to my own stash.  Gave me lots of things to work with. 

I'll be using up the scraps in another video making some cards to share with you.  I'll also have a little process video, I won't share the whole construction since this kit and/or PDF is available from Clare's store and she did all the hard work designing it.  I do want to share in that video some of my decorating since it's different from hers and may give you more food for thought.

Thanks for popping in.  Be sure and check out Clare's links below, tell her I sent you over to have a look-see.  And don't miss the video walk through of my own box and album.  Huge hugs and thank you's across the pond to my friend Clare.  

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Soft Watercolor Flower Cards

Hello everyone.  YouTube has been my friend for over 10 years now as I learned new techniques, explored new crafts and gleaned knowledge from fellow crafters.  Well here we are years later and nothing has changed.  I recently discovered a wonderful YouTuber with the channel Cee Cee's Creations  When I ran across her channel a few weeks back I was totally in awe at some of her videos.  One especially caught my eye, Loose Watercolor Florals .  I watched and watched again and thought to myself, I think I could do that.  And so the process began.

My first attempts were using an Arteza water filled brush because I didn't own any real watercolor brushes.  I made 5 cards and thought humm not too bad.  But then I went back and watched her video again and again and thought, I bet they'd be better with real brushes.  So I ordered some.  

To me, up close and personal the results were so much better.  I used Arteza tube watercolors on both sets of cards but saw so much difference using brush brushes.  I was hooked.  I think I must have gone back and watched that video 8 or more times.  

One thing I noticed that I was trying to push the color from the center out, when I watched the video, yet again, I realized she was pulling it out and oh that made so much difference.  I also learned there is a real fine line with how much water and pigment you have loaded on your brush.  It's a learning curve just as it is with all new craft endeavors.

My other big stumbling block was learning how to draw/paint the stems and leaves, I'm still working on it and I imagine if I came back a year from now I'd tell you the same, still working on it.  I love the color I used on these stems and leaves and how fine they turned out.  My problem was using the bigger brush (a number 4 round) instead of the fine detail brush.  My hands shake too much and the stroke gets too big when I use the larger brush.

I also realized color played a lot into how I liked the finished result of the greenery.  This is ok but I don't like it nearly as well as the lighter color I used in the card above.  Just how your eye and brain perceive it I guess.

I guess if you take nothing else away from this blog post just know that it's never too late in the game to learn something new and usually it doesn't just pop out at you and you're great.  There are learning curves, don't beat yourself up, just have fun trying.

These are some of the first cards I made, with the water filled brush.  I'm so glad I didn't stop there or I probably wouldn't be doing this again.  Moving on to a real brush, and popping back to watch the video over and over cinched it for me.  I know I'll make more.  Hop on over to the video, I'll show you how I did mine and all the cards I made.  (Link below post)

Please go over to Cee Cee Creation's and give her some love, check out her videos and subscribe. She is so talented.  I'm so happy she decided to share this tutorial with the YouTube world, it sure brightened up my day! Links for her channel, Arteza and my own social media just below the video.

Cee Cee's Creations - Loose Watercolor Floral Tutorial


For 10% off please use the code Heartbeat2 this will be good until October 25, 2019

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*Please note! - I do receive a small stipend from Arteza for you clicking through and buying from my personal links.  This in no way affects the price you pay.

Arteza links for the products I used on my cards -

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Watercolor Paint - 60 color tubes -
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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Paradise in August - Mini and Tutorial

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing a collaboration between ReneaBouquet and Crafty City Design Teams.  I made a mini using ReneaBouquets Treasure Box 1 and Crafty City's Mintay Paradise Paper collection and Prima flowers to match.

There are blog posts on both ReneaBouquet and Crafty City so I won't repeat myself here.  What I did want to share is I have a 3 video tutorial series uploading to YouTube as I write this.  On the videos I'll share the how tos of creating this project.  I hope you'll take a look at the playlist .

Let's have a look at the videos included on the Playlist

The Walk-Through of the finished mini

Video 1 - Construction and Coloring

I also wanted to tell you about using Sookwang Tape in the Construction of this mini.  It's wonderful.  (There's a link and discount code at the bottom of this post to the Sookwang Tape Etsy store).

I used various sizes to adhere my pages and flips, flaps, mats and tags

When construction the outside I used the Sookwang tape to adhere my cover cardstock to the chipboard, I've not found a stronger tape!

Mitering the corners cuts down on bulk and results in a much nicer finish

I used the same color to mat the inside, Bazzill Smoothie Ocean Breeze

Video 2 - Construction of the flip and flaps throughout.

Video 3 - The Finishing Touches

Paradise in August complete playlist -

Renea Bouquets Store -
Treasure Box #1 -

Crafty City Store -
Archana Joshi (owner) YouTube -
Crafty City DT Showcase Blog -
Crafty City Facebook -
Crafty City Pinterest -

Mintay 12 x 12 Paradise Paper -
Mintay 6 x 6 Paradise Paper -

Sookwang Tape Etsy Store -
- Discount: 10% off when you spend over USD $30

- Active until: Now ~ Dec 31, 2019

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Inspired by - Nina Ribena's ATCs

Often times we wander around the Internet just looking.  Pinterest, Instagram, Blog Posts, Facebook and of course YouTube.  This is one of my favorite pastimes and where I get inspired by other crafty artists.  I ran across a new (well new to me) YouTube channel the other day of Nina Ribena and she had the neatest ATCs she'd made.  Well I'm not an ATC maker but I could sure see her ideas incorporated into some cards for me.  So thank you thank you Miss Nina for inspiring me!  Sometimes we just need to see it for our own crafty light bulb to go off.

I loved how Nina had covered mats with ink and then laid the Tim Holtz tissue paper over the top.  I used Distress Oxide ink on my four cards and I love them but next time I'm trying some sort of paints to get a deeper more vibrant color.  When you adhere the tissue over top of the color it becomes even more muted.  As I said I love my cards but want to try them the other way as well.

I made four cards each one varies in size since I was using scraps of Kraft paper I found in my drawer but since I made my own envelopes the size didn't matter I could make whatever size envelope I needed to house them in.  How nice four cards and four envelopes all ready to go and they all have a home waiting to be sent to.

Each of my bygone era cards has the Tim Holtz unclaimed relatives on them.  My friend Paula had gifted them to me and I have to admit I thought it creepy to add these people that I didn't know on my cards.  You know, they grow on you, now I think they are fun and the life they give to the card is just priceless.  

I didn't use a lot of fancy techniques, nothing hard at all, easy peasy stuff that any of you can do to make your own set of cards.  Come join me on my video, I'll share the process of how to make them and lots of pictures of the finished cards.  Who knows maybe I'll turn that crafty lightbulb on for you the way Nina did for me!  Whatever you do have a great crafty day!  Big hugs friends, Patti

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Stop by Nina's YouTube channel here

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Crafty City Design Team Summer Mini

Hello everyone, I'm back today with a new Design Team Project for Crafty City using the Summer Blush Kit.  This fun kit includes beautiful decorative papers from Blue Fern's Blush Collection as well as bright, lovely flowers from Prima.  Also included are some soft blue buttons from LemonCraft.  When you watch the video you'll see I used all the packaging materials from the flowers and buttons as well.  Since this kit has only 8 designer sheets I supplemented the designer with solid Bazzill Smoothie cardstock.  

This is an 8"x9"x3" mini with a chipboard outer and a four page inner.  The pages expand and open to reveal lots of places to place photos in size from the smallest Instagram or Iphone photo to large 5"x7".

The front cover has this gorgeous double frame, included in the kit, from Scrapiniec.  I used several kinds of Glimmer mists, along with white Gesso and Deco Art Glitter Paint to bring it to life.  The top left is free to insert your own photo behind the acrylic liner.  I've shared this lovely heritage photo of my Grandma and my Aunt so you can get an idea of what it would look like with your personal photo.  The frame has been decorated with an assortment of embellishments and flowers both from the kit and my own stash.  The butterflies were metal and I again covered them with white Gesso and after they were dry brought out the colors of the kit with my own sprays, inks and paints.

Here's some snapshots of the page spreads, you can check out the Crafty City Blog post for a much more extensive review or better yet hop on over to YouTube and watch the cover to cover walk through.  There will be a tutorial series following sharing how to construct the pages and some decorating ideas.

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