Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Family Time

left to right, my Sister Carol, my Sister-in-law Betty, Me
and front and center, Aunty Hulda

Hello everyone, today I'm posting a non-crafty note.  I've been home in Washington State since April 16th visiting family and friends.  I was fortunate on this trip to be able to travel to Lebanon Oregon to visit my Aunty Hulda who will celebrate her 100th birthday in September.  

This little lady has been a part of my life always, I used to spend summers at her house riding horses with my cousins.  Many memories of days gone by.  Visiting her brought a little of my Momma back to me, she's been gone for 3 years now, seems impossible but any of you that have lost your Mommas know how wonderful it is to have memories flood your mind with stories of yesterdays, that's what Aunty Hulda's visit did to me.  I hope you'll all be able to visit a family member that you haven't seen for a while, give them a big hug, and just enjoy some family time together.  

My visit ends this Saturday and then I'll be hopping the Portland flight back to the desert and my other half who says our house is awfully quiet without me there.  Hmmm now does that mean I talk too much, nope couldn't be that, lol.  I hope you're all having a bright and sunny Spring and working on some fun projects. I'll be back to post more installments in my Mother Goose series shortly.  Until them Happy Crafting everyone!  Hugs, Patti


Sandra Craig said...

What a lovely photo to have! Congratulations to Aunty Hulda on her forthcoming birthday! It's great to catch up with family when you live far away from each other, even with our modern communications channels, nothing beats a good old chin wag face to face. Enjoy the rest do your stay Patty and safe journey home. Love sandra xx (savenana)

Marie-Louise said...

Lovely photograph Patti. So glad you had a good visit.

Candida said...

Oh, what a beautiful family picture! This made me smile... really happy for you.

Marian Dean said...

I love to see joyful family photographs. These days because of our ages and the miles between us, my brother and sister join me in a three way Skype every Saturday. We spend about an hour chatting, each with a cuppa so it feels like we just had a visit together. Marvellous invention Skype, now if they just could find a way so we can hug!!! Love your blog.