Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Honey's Valentine

I saw a Valentine in the store similar to this, I'm not sure what exactly it said but the idea was the same. I loved it, stood in the store laughing so I just had to try it myself. Beth Rimmer just released a new kit called Pulp Fiction that had this wonderful 50's lovers on it, perfect for the front of my card.

The outside says:

He said
‘It is ok I will not tell’
She said
‘But I mus not; oh no I just cannot’
He said
‘You will enjoy it, I would not lie’
She said
‘But it is a sin, I will be doomed, oh my’
He said
‘The most sinful is the best there is’
She said
‘Oh you are so bad, please stay with me’
He said
‘Oh my dear, I love you so, I would share the best you see’
With a sigh She said
How can I resist, mmm I know I will want more’
He said
‘I have enough to fill you until you desire no more’

And the inside says .........

And with that he took the ribbon from the Valentine box,

slipped a soft delicous candy from the paper wrapper

pulled her close to his most manly chest

and popped it into her waiting mouth.

Mmmm how sinful chocolate can be

When the scales say NO NO NO!

Happy Valentines my love!

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