Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heart to Heart Friendship

Doing things a little differently today, trying the scanner vs the camera pics. Not sure I'm happy with the outcome but it'll do I guess for today anyway. This is a composite of my new toys. A new Rollergraph stamp Friendly Words from Stampin Up. I like the idea of a roller but not sure the expense justifies the outcome, guess I'll need to make a lot of cards with it huh? Also I used a new edge punch from Fiskars, it is really stiff to use, not sure whether this is how they are all made or I got a lemon. The last toy is my new heat embossing gun which I used to do the sentiment inside. This I'm really liking, I know it will become one of my favs for stamping words. I just love seeing that ink become embossed with the heat of the gun.

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Anonymous said...

Patti..I loved this card...since I was the one who received it...I have it on my wall to see everyday...The colors are some of my favorite..thanks for a beautiful card..